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Pillow Renovation

 The Czech Ladies working on a renovation project. At Czech Feather & Down Co. we can put new life into your old pillows with our renovation process. We will remove your feathers or down from it's old ticking, clean your feather and down, and then put them in new ticking. We clean everybody's pillows individually so your assured to get the same feather and down back that you brought in, and it will never have been mixed with anybody else's.

Comforter Renovation

Our comforter renovation process is similar to that of the pillows. We'll remove your feathers or down from the old ticking, clean them, and then put them into a new ticking. Your product will be cleaned individually from anybody else's so your assured to get the same product back that you brought in. Please contact us for comforter renovation cost.

Feather Beds

We also renovate feather beds in the same manner as pillows and comforters. Please contact us for feather bed renovation cost.

Clients ship to us from all over the World for our expertise of over 120 years in the feather & down business. You too will love that we can give your favorite pillows, comforters & feather beds a whole NEW LIFE...BETTER THAN NEW. Call today for prices at (319) 895-6551 or email us at