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How to Wash and Clean Your Down Pillows At Home


Spring is almost here! Now is the time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. When you're unpacking your spring clothes, washing windows, cleaning your closets and dusting your knick-knacks, don't forget about your bedding. If you have down pillows you will want to "spring clean" those, too.Pillows are the perfect environment for fungus, mold, mildew and dust mites (and their feces.) Mold and mildew love damp environments that are created when sweat and saliva get into pillows. Dust mites feed on the skin cells we lose and they rapidly multiply in stuffy bedrooms -- especially during the winter months. Yuck!

The Soap and Detergent Association recommends that you clean your down pillows four times a year to reduce allergens and get rid of mites, contaminates, germs and to bring back your pillows' fluffiness. Even if your down pillows are covered in pillow protectors, they should still be laundered at least twice a year.

First, take a look at your pillow to see if there are cleaning instructions for your pillow. If there are, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. It's generally recommended that you bring your down pillows to a professional cleaner with the proper equipment to clean feather and down pillows properly. But if you decide to clean your down pillows at home, here are some tips.Before you wash your pillow take off the pillow cover. Carefully look at it for holes. If you find any stitch them up by hand.Next put your pillows in the washer. Make sure the washing machine is balanced by washing two or three pillows at one time. Set your washer on hot and run your pillows through the gentle cycle with two tablespoons of regular detergent and bleach crystals.

Once washed it's important that you dry pillows immediately -- that will help prevent mold, mildew and fungal growth. Set your dryer on the highest heat setting and tumble dry. When you remove them from the dryer they may still feel a little damp. Find a sunny spot (either outside or in front of a window in your house) and put them on a surface that allows air to flow around the entire pillow. Leave your down pillows there for two to three days. Frequently flip your pillows and fluff them several times a day as they're drying.

Cleaning your down pillows will not only get rid of the “gunk” that may have been growing in your pillow, but it also leaves your pillows smelling fresh and clean – especially if you dry them outside in the sun!

So enjoy spring and enjoy your newly cleaned down pillows. Sleep tight!


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