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Handmade Down Pillows, Comforters and Feather Beds

Are you looking for feather and down bedding to keep you warm and comfortable? If you are searching for the best handmade down pillows, comforters or feather beds, check out our store. Czech Feather & Down Company store, in Mount Vernon, IA, has been making hand-crafted down and feather bedding since 1885. Our handmade feather and down pillows, comforters and feather beds are made of the highest quality ticking, down and feathers from the U.S.

All Czech Feather & Down Company bedding products are individually handcrafted, just like they once were made in the small, close-knit communities of Czechoslovakia. The fine art of feather and down pillow and comforter making has been handed down through the generations within our Czech Feather & Down Company family.

That means, unlike many larger down bedding companies that manufacture their down pillows and comforters on a manufacturing line, each down and feather bedding product from the Czech Feather & Down Company store is handcrafted by a single individual with years of experience making pillows, comforters and feather beds. From the first cut of the ticking to the final stitch of your finished down product, all of our feather and down blend pillows are individually handmade.

The Czech Feather & Down Company store sells a variety of down comforters and pillows – they even have CPAP down pillows. Our down and feather products are all made with the highest quality 100% cotton feather and down-proof ticking. Each pillow ticking is double stitched to ensure quality and durability. Our pillows are made of high-quality down so they can be adjusted to fit your level of comfort and give you years of enjoyment.

Down Pillow and Comforter Restoration

Does your favorite feather or down pillow need cleaning? Or does your down pillow need more extensive work? Czech Feather & Down Company can also refurbish/renovate your down pillows, comforters and feather beds -- putting new life into your old down and feather pillows with their renovation (a.k.a. refurbishing) process. Renovating/refurbishing your down and feather pillow or comforter is a precise process. Each product goes through our special renovation process: the down is removed from the old ticking, we clean the feathers and down and then put them in new ticking. Every down pillow or down comforter is cleaned individually – so your down and feathers will never be mixed with anybody else's.

Contact or stop by the Czech Feather & Down Company store today at 1-319-895-6551 to order your new pillow or bedding or schedule your down/feather pillow, comforter or bed renovation. You can also contact us to create any custom shape, fill or size pillow, comforter or featherbed! We ship all around the world.


Due to construction, our normal store will be closed until further notice. But we are still working! Please call us at 1-319-895-6551. Dropoffs can be made at The Right Frame Of Mind, the business right next to us at 105 1st street NW, Mount Vernon. Their store hours are Tuesday - Friday 11am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. In addition, new pillows can be purchased at The Right Frame Of Mind as well!

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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