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"I knew when I purchased my feather bed it would be comfortable, but I was amazed at how peacefully and soundly I sleep every night. This is the best investment I’ve ever made."

Jessica Bye

"We have used CF pillows for many years. We wouldn’t sleep on anything else.

We travel with them. The softness of CF pillows is almost sinful."

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Arbuckle

"We have been building this magical little cabin in the Idaho mountains for almost three years now. It still doesn't have any heat, so we bought this wonderful featherbed to help keep us warm and snuggly on those cold Idaho nights and mornings. It is FANTASTIC! When you first crawl into it, you "melt" into a mountain of fluffy down feathers...and it warms up fast into your own personal oven. If we didn't have to eventually get out of bed now and then, we would Testimonial Signature never need a heat stove. This has been the absolute BEST "bedding" purchase we have ever made!"

Ellen & Fred Ziska

"A pillow renovated by CFD is like putting new life into an old pillow. They really do a wonderful job.

Gary Detert

"The quality and craftsmanship in my comforter is second to none. I’ve never had a warmer or better-made product than this. I’m sure it will be in my family for many years to come.

Matt Petrizelka

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