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A story of FEATHERS

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Trevor (son), Dawn (owner), Robbie (Husband), Brittany (Daughter)


If you're looking for high-quality down and feather bedding to keep you warm and comfortable, you’ve come to the right place!


This is Dawn, owner of Czech Feather + Down, and the art of down and feather pillow and comforter making has been handed down through the generations in my family.


Unlike mass-produced down and feather bedding that you find in department stores, all Czech Feather & Down Company Store down and feather comforters, pillows and feather beds are individually handcrafted, just like they were in the small, close-knit communities in Czechoslovakia.

Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Czech Feather & Down Company is steeped in the traditional methods of down and feather pillow and comforter making. The European craft of down and feather bed making has been thriving for more than 100 years at Czech Feather & Down Co. The quality you’ll find in our handmade down comforters and down/feather pillows cannot be duplicated in mass production manufacturing centers like our competitors use.

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